North Camp Activities

Each of our activities will be delivered by a trained and up to
date professional in their field of expertise.

All activities have been carefully selected to meet all children’s needs and interests whilst also challenging and showing them a new range of different yet fun activities which we are sure they will love.

All of our activities are tailored for all levels of experience and age groups.

We are organising lots of fun and enjoyable activities for each weekly camp.

If you have any suggestions regarding an activity for our camp, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to fit it into our timetables.

Below are just some of our activities we have planned for this summer:

Survival Skills

Here the children will learn a range of survival skills and techniques. Anything from making a camp fire to building a shelter as well as camouflaging and map reading skills.

Arts & Crafts

Every child loves Arts & Crafts. At our camp, all children will get to use their imaginative side and get to create some amazing masterpieces.


Throughout the week, all children will get a chance to take part in a range of sports.
Here are some of them listed below:





Capture the Flag

Parachute games

There will be other sports available which all children can take part and enjoy during the week.

Baking & Cooking

Our cooking sessions are aimed for children to have fun whilst learning some great culinary skills.


Anything from coding to movie making. Children will get to have fun whilst picking up some new IT skills.

Mad Science Experiments

Who says Science can’t be fun? Our local mad scientist will teach all of us on camp some wacky science experiments which we can all enjoy.

Music & Circus

All children at CAMP Cumbria will get to experience playing a range of different music instruments whilst also picking up some exciting circus tricks.

Dance / Drama

Anything from Zumba to Street Dance.

Trips / Visits

During the week, we will be running a number of trips and visits locally for all children to enjoy and experience.

We are yet to confirm the remaining trips for both camps, so don’t worry, we will have more exciting trips planned for next summer.

Here are some of the trips we have planned already:
• Brockhole
• Local swimming pool
• Boat trip around Windermere
• South Lakeland Zoo