CAMP Cumbria Privacy Policy

All organisations that process personal data are required to comply with data protection legislations. This includes in particular the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (together the ‘Data Protection Laws’). The Data Protection Laws give individuals certain rights over their personal data whilst imposing certain obligations on the organisations that process their data.


At CAMP Cumbria we take data protection seriously. We require important information about parents and children attending the CAMP to ensure that all children are safeguarded and cared for as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We only collect essential data that is not passed on to any other source or company, and then the data is correctly disposed of at the earliest point.

To process a booking, we need specific and relevant information that adheres to Ofsted standards and provides us with the necessary information, which we would be unable to process a booking without.

All parents, and staff, of CAMP Cumbria may have access to their data, make changes to the data and remove their data stored at any point.

CAMP Cumbria do not use any personal data for marketing and we do not pass on or sell your data to anyone else.


Privacy Information

What information do we collect about you?

At CAMP Cumbria, we only collect vital and relevant information that we need to process a booking and ensure the safety of the children throughout their time at CAMP.

We do not pass on parent/child information to any other companies and is solely used for booking and invoicing purposes.

The data and information collected is per CAMP year and we do not store information from previous years/CAMP’s unless specifically required.

We do not use any parent/child data for marketing purposes and all the information we have is presented on a first-hand basis.


Whose information do we collect?

Parents: Name, address, email address, contact details.

These are required for processing a booking, contacting a parent and for invoicing.

The information is solely used to contact parents prior to CAMP to ensure that they have all information necessary, and whilst the child is attending CAMP should staff need to pass on any additional information regarding the child.

The data is then used for invoicing, issuing and chasing an invoice.

All parent’s information is deleted and correctly disposed of within 7 days of the last day of CAMP (unless required otherwise which will be discuss with all parties e.g. Accident Forms and outstanding invoices).


Emergency contact person: Name and contact number of emergency contact as we MUST have access to at least one working contact number for each child to be in line with OfSted requirements.

All emergency contact details are deleted and correctly disposed of within 7 days of the last day of CAMP.


Child: Name, Date of Birth, Age, Gender as vital information about the child.

Swimming ability, school attended, friends attending CAMP is collected to cater CAMP groups and activities to each child and make their time as enjoyable as possible.

Medical information is needed to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the children, are aware of any medical conditions or allergies that the children may have to care for them and keep them safe to the best of our abilities.

All children’s information is deleted and correctly disposed of within 7 days of the last day of CAMP (unless otherwise suggested and communicated e.g. Accident Report Forms.)


Why do we collect your data?

Purpose for information gained:

Parents, children and staff have the right to be informed about who, what, where and why their data is processed, and we are more than happy to explain each of the processes.

Information gained and collected from parents and children is ONLY used for booking/invoicing purposes and to ensure the safeguarding of all children, staff and adults.

The information is put onto registers, so we can monitor whom is attending the CAMP and whom we contact in the state of emergency.

The information collected is inputted into:

-Main booking form (Relevant details needed to process a booking)

-Bus Registers (Child Name, Parents Name and Contact Number)

– CAMP Sign In Register (Child Name, Age)

– CAMP Group Registers (Child Name, Age and SEN)

-Invoices (Parents Name, Address, Email and Contact Number)

The online booking form is then disposed of and the registers are disposed of on the last day of CAMP.


Access to your data

Individuals have the right to access data and information that CAMP Cumbria have about them, all information is gained first hand from the parents when booking and staff when registering to work, so none of it will come as a surprise.

All staff, parents and other users of CAMP Cumbria are entitled to:

  • Know what information CAMP Cumbria holds and processes about them and why.
    Know how to gain access to it.
    Know how to keep it up to date.
  • All patents and staff should know what CAMP Cumbria is doing to comply with its obligations under the 1998 Act.
  • CAMP Cumbria will, upon request, provide all staff and parents and other relevant users with a statement regarding the personal data held about them. This will state all the types of data the School holds and processes about them, and the reasons for which they are processed.
  • All staff, parents and other users have a right under the 1998 Act to access certain personal data being kept about them or their child either on computer or in certain files. Any person who wishes to exercise this right should make a request in writing and submit it to the CAMP Leader. CAMP Cumbria will ask to see evidence of your identity, such as your passport or driving license, before disclosure of information.

Individuals can access data that CAMP Cumbria holds on themselves, usually referred to as ‘subject access required’.

If you require access to your data please email Danielle at or call 01229 230877


Retention or rectification of data

Parents and staff have the right to rectification of personal data especially if the individual believes that the information is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete.

We only store information for the length of the CAMP, and any additional time will be voiced to the individual.

Additional data which may not be disposed of on the last day of CAMP (all within 7 days of the last day of CAMP) will be:

  • Unpaid invoices (until the invoice is paid)
  • Accident report forms (up to 3 years)

We need access to all information whilst children are on CAMP to ensure we know all details of each child and parent’s details for safeguarding, then they will be correctly disposed of within 7 days of the end of CAMP.

Any data that may need to be held for longer than the 7 days, such as accident forms and unpaid invoices, will be discussed with all parties and may need to be extended for up to 3 years.

Removal of your data or Consent

Individuals have the right to remove data and information that CAMP Cumbria have about them, all information is gained first hand from the parents when booking and staff when registering to work, so none of it will come as a surprise.

If you require to remove your data please email Danielle at or call 01229 230877

Data used whilst at CAMP:

All data used at CAMP is in register form. We use registers to account of the number of children attending CAMP each day, their age, any contact details for their parents and any Special Educational Needs.

CAMP Cumbria Online Booking Form

When booking onto CAMP Cumbria, parents must agree to the terms and conditions of CAMP Cumbria.


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The parents also agree to inform CAMP Cumbria, at the earliest date, of ANY changes to their personal data.

We only accept bookings for CAMP Cumbria via this form.


Staff working at CAMP Cumbria:

Staff at CAMP: Information gained from staff is to ensure that they are: fully qualified, suitable for the position, meet criteria to work at the CAMP, recruitment checking services, background checks and payroll.

Staff details and bank account details are stored at Cumbria Teaching Agency ready for payment.

This information is stored within Cumbria Teaching Agency and CAMP Cumbria database and is password protected.



At CAMP Cumbria we do not use details for marketing.

We use the photographs of the children for marketing CAMP Cumbria before and after each CAMP.

When singing a child to CAMP, parents need to agree to a photograph policy that we will allow staff to take pictures of the children throughout the day. The booking form outlines the photograph policy.

These photo’s of the children are used in Facebook posts. We do NOT use children’s names or any other details.

Main booking form:

The main CAMP booking form is where all booking details are inputted straight from the online submitted for on to it.

This is kept on the CAMP leader’s laptop and can only be accessed by that one person.

The CAMP booking form is password protected and is only accessed in emergencies.

The CAMP booking excel form is then deleted within 1 week after CAMP (only kept 7 days to ensure all invoices are complete).


Signing in register:

This register is kept by the main door. The children tick in and out each day.

This has the child’s name, age, and date attending CAMP. This register is used purely to monitor whom is on CAMP and when.

The register is put away and secure when not needed.

This register is kept close to the door, in case of a fire and fire register being needed.

CAMP leader takes this home, and brings back to CAMP, on a daily basis. The staff treat all data with maximum confidentiality and are aware any breach of this is in conflict of the data protection policy.

On the last day, this will be taken and disposed of correctly.


Children group lists:

This is a list that each of the CAMP leader will have on their person AT ALL TIMES.

The group list has the children on CAMP that day’s name and age for the staff to monitor whom is in their care.

There is also a note of any children with Special Educational Needs as this information needs to be accessed by all adults on site on any persons whom has contact with the child.

The staff will be in charge of their list, they will keep it in their care and take it to and from school/CAMP each day.

All staff are to keep their lists confidential. The staff treat all data with maximum confidentiality and are aware any breach of this is in conflict of the data protection policy.

On the last day, this is to be handed to the CAMP lead for correct disposal.


On the bus:

There is a bus register present on each of the buses.

This register has the child’s name for them to be checked on to and off the bus.

There is also a parent’s name and contact number, this is used solely to contact the parents in the event of an emergency or if the bus running early/late.

The member of staff responsible for that bus is in charge of the register.

The staff treat all data with maximum confidentiality and are aware any breach of this is in conflict of the data protection policy.

The list will be taken home and brought back to the bus the next day. It will be handed back in on the last CAMP journey, ready for correct disposal.



Data protection officer: Danielle Carlton

Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with CAMP Cumbria’s complaints policy. Complaints relating to information handling may be referred to the Information Commissioner.